As a cost saving initiative, the Nova Scotia Education Common Services Bureau oversees three major tenders on behalf of education entities. The Central Purchasing Committee is comprised of purchasing representatives from each education entity who meet four or five times a year for the purpose of exchanging information and ideas. The committee continues to explore new tenders that may be provincial in scope. The three major tenders are:

  • Photocopier tender – multifunction devices:  The current tender is based on a four-year contract. Centres for Education are continuing to phase out stand-alone photocopiers and installing multifunction devices with the capabilities of printing, faxing, copying and scanning all in one unit. The multifunction capability is a significant cost saver to boards.
  • Petroleum Products Tender:  This tender is based on a three-year contract.
  • Photocopy Paper & Industrial Paper Products: This tender is based on a two-year contract.